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Happy Holi 2016!!

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Around the world in Piper PA-28

Fred has completed an amazing trip from Belgium to Thailand in 16 days on a single engine aircraft. More about this adventure, here!  

Happy Surfing New Year!!!

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Happy Rock’n’Roll New Year!!!

Shopping in style

When shopping around the world, it is always a great feeling to see our productions being the best sellers.

Celio Production

These pictures are from our 2012 Célio knits production in Tirupur.

How to make denim pants look beautiful!

Besides our expertise in knits production, we have also manufactured denims for our customer Célio. This production unit is located in the outskirts of Bangalore and produces for all major denim brands in the market.

Video Kills The Radio Star

In 2008, we followed the lipdup trend that was popular all around the world… Started in a New York office & spread all over the world. We had to do our Indian version of it… What better song than “Video Kills The Radio Star” of The President of United States to rock’n’roll our office! I…

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Our New Office

In 2012, we moved to a new office. We left our old 2 storey building, where we spent almost 10 years, for a more compact & cozier place.

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